Trump said 'many' federal workers are willing to lose paychecks for his sake. Not so much.

Donald Trump spent part of Christmas Day bragging to reporters that “many” federal workers have told them they’re happy to work without pay for however long the shutdown lasts, so long as Donald Freaking Trump gets his precious Great Wall of Racist Paranoia out of the deal. This was, of course, a lie.

The New York Times tracked down some actual federal workers who aren’t getting paychecks during Trump’s holiday tantrum, and as it turns out the real mood can be more appropriately described as panic. It turns out that most working-class families rely on their paychecks for decadent expenses like “rent” and “food,” and suddenly being told that they’re out of work (or in the case of non-furloughed workers, working without pay) during the Christmas holidays is not something every family can quickly bounce back from.

Ms. Carrothers is applying for unemployment benefits, which will provide 55 percent of her usual paycheck, but she won’t see that money for weeks.

“I think it will get us through,” she said. “But it’s going to be tight, I’m not going to lie.”

Trump, for his part, says most workers not getting paid are Democrats, which may or may not be true but which Trump seems to have intended as a bit of hostage-taking directed at Democratic lawmakers: Give me my Tantrum Wall if you ever want your voters to see a paycheck again.

There is still no evidence Trump wants an end to the shutdown, because he sincerely doesn’t give a damn who in the country gets hurt and has convinced himself anyone who does either deserves it, because they are Democrats, or are fully supportive of it, because they are Republicans. He continues to live inside his own delusions; he appears at this point to be absolutely unconcerned with a speedy resolution, or even a non-speedy one. This could drag on not just for weeks, but for months.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s private Florida club is setting up tents for their usual posh New Year’s party, and Donald is of course expected to attend since gaining the ear of a sitting president is precisely the opportunity that allowed Mar-a-Lago to jack up membership rates when he arrived in office. Let’s hope there are lots of pictures. I’m sure the federal workers who cancelled holiday plans and scrambled to find second jobs will very much want to see Donald and his band of merry arsonists enjoying themselves.

Source: dailykos