Trump threatens to declare national emergency to get wall funding – live

President says ‘we can call it a national emergency’ to bypass Congress and build wall ‘quickly’ at press conference

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8.49pm GMT

The federal grand jury impaneled by special counsel Robert Mueller has been extended for another six months.

The grand jury was convened last year in Washington on an 18-month term, which was set to expire in the coming days. But the chief judge of the DC district court extended the grand jury’s mandate for another six months, according to CNN.

The chief judge of the DC District Court has extended the term of the grand jury used by Mueller for indictments.
They were set to expire Jan. 6. Now could sit for up to 6 more months.

8.31pm GMT

Hello everyone! Sabrina Siddiqui here, taking over the blog from my trusted colleague Jamiles. I’ll keep you posted on key developments over the next few hours, as we try and make sense of Trump’s marathon appearance outside the White House.

One quick update to kick us off: White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has called the ongoing pay freeze on federal workers an “unnecessary byproduct” of the government shutdown.

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