Trump's EPA says limiting toxic mercury from coal plants is no longer 'appropriate'

With Donald Trump at the helm, it’s time to change the name of the Environmental Protection Agency:

The Trump administration is proposing that limits on mercury pollution from power plants are too costly to justify and no longer “appropriate and necessary,” a finding that could make it difficult to impose more stringent curbs in the future.

In 2012, the EPA estimated that those limits would “lead to $37 billion to $90 billion worth of benefits from fewer asthma attacks, heart attacks and premature deaths,” not to mention the fact that mercury is “a metal that is converted in soil and water into a neurotoxin that can lower IQ, cause motor function deficits, damage the nervous system, and lead to more heart attacks.” 

On the other hand, “coal-fired power plants are the largest U.S. source of mercury,” so naturally Trump and his industry cronies wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt its bottom line, which of course is the real way to MAGA. 

Source: dailykos