Trump's 'this Bomb stuff' tweets gets even worse

When Donald Trump sent out a tweet early Friday morning trivializing a life-threatening national crisis as nothing more than “this ‘Bomb’ stuff,” the abhorrent tweet may have been even worse than it originally seemed. Not only was Trump fanning the flames of a conspiracy theory that the bombs were some sort of hoax intended to boost sympathy for Democrats, he appears to have done so after he had already been briefed about the leads the FBI were following that quickly led them to Florida suspect Cesar Sayoc Jr.

As former Justice Department spokesperson Matthew Miller noted on MSNBC, FBI Director Christopher Wray said Friday that the FBI had identified Sayoc by Thursday night. 


Based on Wray’s remarks, the FBI had identified Sayoc by late last night. Surely they briefed the WH immediately. Might explain Trump’s losing it on Twitter at 3:14 am.

— Matthew Miller (@matthewamiller) October 26, 2018

At the press conference announcing the arrest, Wray declined to say when exactly Trump had been briefed. White House officials also dodged the timing question.

White House officials would not say whether Trump’s briefing came before or after the president fired off a tweet about the case that downplayed the seriousness of the case… 

Miller pointed out that Wray’s answer to the question alone was unusual because the response at such a briefing almost always entails something along the lines of, We briefed the president right away. 

But in this case no one wants to say exactly when Trump knew. 

Source: dailykos