Twitter ‘Partner Manager of News and Sports’ Says the platform ‘Needs to Battle’ Trolls and Trump

Twitter ‘Partner Manager of News and Sports’ Says the platform ‘Needs to Battle’ Trolls and Trump

Heather Bowen, a Partner Manager for News and Sports at Twitter UK, said that the platform “needs to battle” trolls and President Donald Trump.

Amid the controversy surrounding social media bias against conservatives, it appears that people who work for the platform are not even bothering to hide their political leanings.

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Bowen was brought to our attention after she responded to a tweet by conservative pundit and comedian Tim Young.

Young had tweeted, “New Zealand just banned EVERY GUN used in the Christchurch terror attack.. If the murderer hit people with a car, would they ban cars? If he burned them, would they ban fire? If he drowned them, would they ban water? YOU COULD BAN EVERYTHING. Criminals don’t follow the law.”

The tweet was quoted by tech journalist Ian Morris who wrote that it was the “dumbest argument on the planet.” Bowen responded by saying, “and all the replies to it,” with a facepalm emoji.

Young quickly realized that the person responding is responsible for curating news and trends for the platform. He tweeted asking what her job entails and wrote that “because as an official who curates news/trends for this platform, your tweet in response to people agreeing with my political opinion should be troubling to all conservative users.”

The exchange prompted the Gateway Pundit to take a look into Bowen’s other tweets — which quickly revealed anti-conservative sentiments.

In a 2017 discussion about Twitter going from allowing users to post 140 characters to 280, the conversation quickly turned political after a user said that it was a bad idea because it gives more space to “Trump and trolls.”

Bowen responded by saying, “Doubt it’ll make much difference to trolls or Trump. They say what they want regardless. Twitter need to battle them, whatever the limit.”

In other tweets, she has been critical of the US president over the term ‘fake news.’

Coincidentally, on March 10, Bowen retweeted the news that Twitter and CNN will be expanding their partnership “around viral moments.”

“The partnership gives advertisers the opportunity to buy ads around the most buzzworthy Twitter videos from CNN, like a hot one-liner from a presidential debate or a dramatic moment during an exclusive interview,” Axios had reported.

Young told the Gateway Pundit that Bowen’s interaction with his tweet is indicative of the bias that conservatives are facing on the platform.

“I think it’s interesting after years of discussing whether or not twitter is biased that someone who is in charge of news shows their bias. As I said in my tweet, it should bother conservatives,” Young said.

The Gateway Pundit has reached out to Twitter for comment about their employee’s statements. We will update this article if one is provided.

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