US sets records for Covid deaths and hospitalizations as it nears 14m cases – live updates

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While recognizing Republican criticism, Donald Trump still refused to back down from earlier calls to repeal Section 230, a provision of the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that protects tech firms from liability over third-party content. In a tweet, the president called it a “must.”

Looks like certain Republican Senators are getting cold feet with respect to the termination of Big Tech’s Section 230, a National Security and Election Integrity MUST. For years, all talk, no action. Termination must be put in Defense Bill!!!

.@realDonaldTrump I fully support you on this. Please don’t back down. The freedom and future of our country is at stake.

8.27pm GMT

A former US attorney has called on the Georgia State Election Board to investigate South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham for pressuring the state’s top election official to interfere in the presidential election.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Michael J. Moore – an attorney based in Atlanta – asked the State Election Board to investigate whether Graham had violated Georgia law in a letter dated Thursday.

I am particularly concerned that the chairman of the United States Senate Judiciary Committee would make any attempt to interfere with the Georgia Secretary of State as he endeavored to lawfully perform his constitutional duties in overseeing the 2020 election and the counting, and re-counting, of the votes cast in the state of Georgia,” Moore wrote.

He also requested the board investigate any attempt by Graham to discard lawful ballots cast for the upcoming 5 Jan Georgia senate runoff election.

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Source: theguardian