Veterans slam Trump for using military as 'political prop' at the border

Donald Trump is now planning to send 15,000 troops to the border to protect the U.S. against an “invasion” of fearful, impoverished asylum-seekers in however many weeks it takes them to travel hundreds of miles more on foot. Since Trump has such a special place in his heart for veterans, let’s let some of them explain a few of the reasons this is such a terrible, immoral plan:

“A military strained by 17 years of war and sequestration doesn’t need this,” tweeted David Lapan, a former Homeland Security spokesman for the Trump administration and a former Marine. “Service members who have repeatedly spent long periods of time away from home don’t need this. And the US doesn’t need its military to ‘defend’ against a group of unarmed migrants, inc. many women & kids.”

According to VoteVets’ Will Fischer, a former Marine, this is “a political ploy to blow upon the embers of racism and nativism, and he is using the military again as a political prop to advance his own agenda.” Not only that:

Fischer touched on concerns about troop readiness, saying that once these troops are at the border, “they’re not going to be training, they’re not going to be preparing for the fights that could be on the horizon from legitimate threats.”

Instead, Fischer said, these troops will be tasked with supporting border officials in a way that means “we’re going to spend a tremendous amount of money and a tremendous amount of resources to have these troops act as errand runners, act as go-fers, act as camouflage-wearing Uber drivers for [homeland security] and border patrol personnel.”

But Trump needs something really attention-grabbing to convince fearful voters that these far-away asylum-seekers represent a real threat to Our American Way Of Life, and 15,000 troops on the border sure is attention-grabbing. 

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Source: dailykos