Vladimir Putin talks impeachment and defends Trump using the Republican Party's talking points

There’s good news for Donald Trump, as the man he most admires still has his back. NPR reported on Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters, “The Democratic Party, which lost the elections, is now trying to revise this history through the means that they have at their disposal — first by accusing Trump of collusion with Russia, which never happened.” It’s almost like Putin is speaking and Trump is just opening and closing his mouth like a puppet.

The remarks came during a many hours-long annual press conference by the Russian president. In fact, Putin’s remarks about the impeachment of Donald Trump are identical to the ones we have heard over the past few weeks from the Trump administration, as well as every Republican official. The Russian president said that House Democratic officials had “invented this story about the pressure on Ukraine that was allegedly exerted.”

Putin moved on to say that Russia wants the same things for Ukraine that the United States says it wants, and so this impeachment is in some ways proof that the Democratic House is not promoting “amicable policy” with Russia. It’s important to note here that Putin likes Trump as president because Trump is a pushover. Trump is arguably the worst negotiator for anything other than getting his name put on to signs at the beginning of projects. Whether or not Vladimir Putin has dirt on Trump doesn’t matter, because Trump is easy to manipulate if he perceives you have any real political power and financial backing behind you—and you aren’t technically ever going to be able to run against him in an American election.

The video should begin around the 46:28 minute mark, when the question about Trump’s impeachment is asked.


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Source: dailykos