'We have to act': Biden says government has 'moral obligation' to provide economic relief – live

8.46pm GMT

Nancy Pelosi has sent a “Dear colleague” letter to House Democrats, outlining the chamber’s agenda as the speaker prepares to transmit the article of impeachment on Monday.

“Monday, January 25, will be a momentous and solemn day, as the House sadly transmits the Article of Impeachment for Donald Trump to the Senate,” Pelosi said. “Our Constitution and country are well-served by our outstanding impeachment managers.”

8.30pm GMT

Joe Biden has now signed his two executive orders to aid American families who are financially suffering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

One executive order will expand the food stamps program, and the other will allow workers who fear their jobs jeopardize their health to qualify for unemployment insurance if they quit.

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Source: theguardian