We must choose to solve climate change

For most of my life the average summertime temperature for southern Wisconsin has been 67 degrees. By the time I am 70 it is predicted to be 72 degrees. By the time my son is 70, that average temperature will be pushing 77 degrees. A temperature more at home in southern Tennessee, or Northern Georgia. 

The argument over whether climate change is happening is moot at this point, and we are already seeing the impacts: wetter weather in some areas of the country, wildfires ripping across the west, and larger, and stronger hurricanes. The deniers are still at it though. 

The latest thing out of the mouths of the deniers is:

Something’s happening [with the climate] and it’ll change back again … I don’t know that it’s manmade. — Donald Trump


how much of [climate change] is manmade, how much of it is solar, how much of it is oceanic, how much of it is rain forest and other issues? I think we’re still exploring all of that. — Larry Kudlow

and then this nonsense,

I can’t tell you to what percentage of [climate change] is due to human activity — Marco Rubio

Climate change is real, and it is manmade. The current generation of leadership in the U.S. and around the world have just been sticking their heads in the sand, not wanting to confront an issue that is going to dramatically reshape the world we live in. Mass extinctions, extreme weather, loss of permafrost, ocean acidification, which will release methane, sea level rise, and god help us all, no more beer

Source: dailykos