What’s my name? Former CIA officer, now Democratic candidate levels Trump-backed Brat in debate

That’s Dave Brat.

Former CIA officer and now Democratic candidate Abigail Spanberger has had private information leaked by unknown sources and had been subjected to other dirty tricks that most likely have a GOP origin. She’s running for Congress in Virginia’s 7th District against greasy Republican balloon Dave Brat. The race is a tight one, and Rep. Brat is working overtime to figure out ways not to discuss policy, while attacking Spanberger for being in the same political party as Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Brat has clearly received polling information that she is not well-liked by Virginians in the 7th District, because he sounds like California’s Pelosi is his opponent. So much so that the other night, during a debate between both candidates, Brat brought up Pelosi’s name no fewer than 10 times, while not referring at all to his actual opponent. Spanberger had had enough, and shut Brat down.

Source: dailykos