White House spokesperson: Lying to the FBI is fine if it helps Trump

The White House press secretary finally admitted on Tuesday what America already knew: Donald Trump completely supports lying to the FBI in order to help Donald Trump.

Here’s the exchange between Washington Post reporter Josh Hawley and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the White House briefing following Michael Flynn’s delayed sentencing

Q: Michael Flynn today tweeted that he did lie to the FBI—to them repeatedly—and that he was working for a foreign government during the campaign. Does that concern the president? I mean, he seems to be concerned that Michael Cohen is a liar—is he concerned that one of his top aides lied to the FBI and was working for a foreign government?

SHS: Not when it comes to things that have anything to do with president.

Admittedly, it’s unclear that’s exactly what Sanders intended to say, but it certainly is telling nonetheless. She followed that sentence by falsely suggesting that Flynn’s crime had nothing to do with Trump (which seemed to be the crux of what she was trying to convey).

“The activities that he engaged in […] don’t have anything to do with the president,” she said.

Naturally, that’s a lie. Flynn is charged with lying to federal agents about his discussions during the transition with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak regarding sanctions. Absolutely nothing is more relevant to Trump than discussing sanctions with Russians, since it was Trump himself who said during the campaign that sanctions would no longer be necessary once he was elected president. U.S. sanctions have been at the heart of several pivotal discussions between Trump associates and Russia.

As for the Sanders slip, you know how lying gets after a while—once you’re buried under a mountain of them, it’s impossible to even keep track of what you’re saying anymore.

Or maybe it was just a slip of the good ol’ Freudian variety.

Whatever the case, Sanders finally admitted exactly how Trump feels about criminal offenses: If it helps him, he’s all for it! 

Check out the Sanders exchange below the fold.

Source: dailykos