'Wholly unacceptable': Jewish House Democrats call for firing of white supremacist Stephen Miller

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Jewish House Democrats are calling for the immediate firing of White House aide and noted white supremacist Stephen Miller from the Trump administration, writing in a letter that “his documented support for white nationalist and virulently anti-immigrant tropes is wholly unacceptable and disqualifying for a government employee.”

The letter, signed by all 25 Jewish House Democrats and led by Reps. Brad Schneider of Illinois and Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, demands his dismissal following the release of nearly 1,000 emails where he pushed Breitbart editors to spread white nationalist garbage. A closer look by Hatewatch further revealed Miller had a special affinity for one anti-immigrant hate group in particular, the Tanton network’s Center for Immigration Studies. This, the legislators write, should be disqualifying.

“The recently released emails show Stephen Miller trafficking the views of white supremacist hate groups that espouse a repugnant and extreme anti-immigrant agenda,” they said in their letter. “These hateful views have no place in our government, much less just steps from the Oval Office. At this time of rising antisemitism, xenophobia, racism and white supremacy, we must forcefully call out and refuse to accept intolerance or hate anywhere within our government.”

The lawmakers also pushed back on the White House’s ridiculous claim that repeating Miller’s own words back to him was somehow “a form of anti-Semitism.” They write in their letter that “Nothing could be further from the truth. Hateful ideology is not just unacceptable, it is un-American, irrespective of the faith, race, or nationality of the individual promoting it. Weaponizing anti-Semitism is incredibly dangerous—by muddying the waters, we are no longer able to see and fight against the real anti-Semites in our midst.”

Few White House advisers in recent memory have been as destructive and morally corrupt as Miller, who has played a key role in some of the worst humanitarian disasters of the Trump administration. But what’s also been unprecedented has been the public pushback to this White House adviser: among those who have also called for Miller’s removal are Jewish organizations, dozens of senators, more than 100 House members, a coalition of caucus chairs, and more than 60 civil and labor groups

Miller, those nearly 60 groups said in their letter, “has stoked bigotry, hate, and division with his extreme political rhetoric and policies throughout his career,” and in his powerful position dictating U.S. policy, “has promoted hate speech spewed from neo-Nazis, bigots, and white supremacists. His advancement of white nationalist ideology has resulted in policies—and violent acts—that actively harm immigrants, people of color, and marginalized communities.”

In their letter, Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairs Mark Pocan and Pramila Jayapal, Congressional Black Caucus chair Karen Bass, Congressional Hispanic Caucus chair Joaquin Castro, and Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus chair Judy Chu called for Miller’s “resignation without delay,” stating “It’s clearer than ever that Stephen Miller is a far-right white nationalist with a racist and xenophobic worldview. His beliefs are appalling, indefensible, and completely at odds with public service.”

The Jewish House leaders conclude their letter by writing that “We will not now, or ever, accept intolerance or hate anywhere within our government, and especially not in the White House. On behalf of the American taxpayers from our districts contributing to Miller’s salary, we urge you to immediately dismiss Stephen Miller from his duties and the White House.”

Source: dailykos