With football this dire you have to wonder if José Mourinho is enjoying it | Barney Ronay

Romelu Lukaku is another clearly struggling under the regime at Manchester United, with no sign of improvement in sight

With 10 minutes left at Anfield Romelu Lukaku set off on a dummy run towards the touchline, then turned to take the ball back from the player he imagined to be standing behind him. Except that player was Virgil van Dijk, who plays for Liverpool.

Lukaku stopped, looked baffled, almost seemed ready to scratch his head. They say the best players carry a picture around with them, a flashing radar screen of every other moving part on the pitch. On a cold, wet, merciless day at Anfield Lukaku seemed to be carrying a picture of something else altogether, a game of noughts and crosses perhaps or a hastily sketched pencil drawing of a hamster.

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Source: theguardian