World Series 2018 Game 4: Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers – live!

3.58pm BST

Hunter will be here shortly, in the meantime here’s how an epic Game 3 unfolded:

Max Muncy nearly ended this mind-bending game in the 15th inning, but a ball that looked destined to end up as a home run hooked just around the right foul pole, and a collective groan from the home fans in Dodger Stadium followed. When the Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman stepped up to the plate three innings later, he made sure it would be the final at bat of the game, if not the day.

A game that began at 5.10pm on Friday ended at 12.30am on Saturday when Muncy launched a Nathan Eovaldi 90mph fastball into the left-field bleachers. Muncy rounded third, and the Dodgers dugout emptied in delirious euphoria to celebrate the 3-2 victory. Finally, at long last, they were headed to bed, and more importantly, won’t face elimination against the Boston Red Sox when the teams play again later in the day.

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Source: theguardian